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Common Knowledge

This section describes small things that I think are important to lead a normal life (barf):
  • I don't know what it is, but it seems that parmesan cheese just doesn't taste the same (loses some taste) when it is melted. So, if you put the cheese onto your meal, then mix up your pasta or salad or whatever, and the cheese dissolves or melts, then it just won't taste as good. The thing I like to do is mix up whatever it is i'm eating (because most of the time sauce is applied after), and then after the meal is hot and mixed up, apply the parmesan cheese. If it is cheddar than you again apply if after, but make sure the cheese melts - you can use the microwave for this one.
  • This method also extends to brown sugar on beans, just modified is the fact that if you apply a lot of sugar, you'll start to taste something, as with the cheese you really would have to put a lot to start tasting, in the event that it melts.