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This pages lists three types of things.

1) Places I enjoy being.

2) Interesting places i've been.

3) Places I want to go in the future.

Places I enjoy being

The type of place that I enjoy being the most is a quiet place, with not much activity going on. By activity I mean people moving, throwing stuff around, just doing stuff that has the possibility of injury or damaging. I enjoy when people are calm and think about what they are going to do first.

 I enjoy being outdoors very much, because most of these characteristics are met, especially when alone. So, summing all this up, I enjoy being at the cottage or a lone campsite the most, because I can do things at my pace, and no one is there to tell me to hurry or be obnoxious.

Interesting Places I've Been

  • Every single province and territory in Canada except Nunavut - A 24000 km trip which lasted 3.5 months and allowed us to see a LOT of the beautiful country which is Canada from the windows of a pickup as well as our tent. View the photo gallery - it's self explanatory.
  • Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories - The pinnacle of Allison and I's 24000km Canada Trip, this was an opportunity to see one of the many extremes of our country.
  • Northern Quebec, Caribou Hunting - In February 2005, my dad and I drove up there (2 day drive, 1600 kilometers). The outfitter we went to is called Pourvoirie Mirage, and a link is here. This place was filled with wildlife, booze, and great times.
  • War Museum - I went to this museum on Remembrance Day, alone. View picture in the photo gallery.
  • Oshawa to Toronto Waterfront Trail - I biked this trip in one day, and it took me six hours. I took about 2 hours of breaks, because it was quite tiring, especially biking against the strong wind the whole time. There are pictures and videos in the media gallery. Luckily a friend drove me home the next day. This trip was done alone.
  • Rocher Percé - I went to visit this rock when I was 11 I believe. I have no pictures to show for it but did have a soaker at the time.
  • Fundy National Park - I went there camping with the lovely Allison. It was a great time and the area is very beautiful. I also showed my girlfriend how to observe a waterfall.
  • CN Tower - I went to visit this tower by myself, in the summer of 2004. I went all the way to the skypod, and took many pictures, which are in the media gallery.
  • David Florida Space Laboratory - I went there to see Radarsat II, the largest communications satellite in... Who knows, but definitely the largest in Canada

Places I want to go in the future

  • Europe - I want to visit all the european countries, the popular ones at least. I would like to go there for a decent amount of time, minimum 3 weeks.
  • Scandinavian countries - Since it's so similar to Canada, it would be interesting to see how they've adapted to the environment. Also, I hear they are very environmentally sound and thrifty and that would be very neat to see.
  • South/North Pole - I want to go there to see the extremes of our planet. A visit such as that one would only happen when I am "well off", or win the lottery or something.