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This section describes the movies I enjoy the most, and the reasons I think they are great movies.

The following movies are listed in order of preference (first one being the most favourite)

Green Mile: This movie is so excellent because it truly displays the behaviour of human beings. In this movie, Paul (the large black man) was just trying to help the two little girls by healing them, the people arriving at the scene immediately assumed that John Coffey (Micheal Clarke Duncan's character) had killed the girls (although in this case it is based on racial differences, in life it happens based on all sorts of other reasons). He was sent to jail and eventually died based on these wrong facts. This movie could not have been better.

Garden State: This movie is one of my favourites for many reasons. Firstly, this movie is not for everyone. This movie truly bores some people, while others it encourages to live life. When watching this movie, the viewer must step back and really try to take a different perspective on the movie and see what really happens. To me this movie displays that there is someone for everyone, and although you might think that all your habits are stupid and that no one understands your situation, people actually do. Zach Braff and Natalie Portman's characters are the perfect example of this.

The Dark Knight: I saw this movie on the midnight release and was really blown away! The action and storyline was just unbelievable. Of course the best part of the movie (equally as good as Batman himself) was the Joker, who's actor died right before the release. What a powerful character! I really want to obtain that movie by Christmas, hopefully Allison can read this page before then. ;)

A Beautiful Mind: I liked this movie very much because it really displays the power of the human being. people often underestimate the human brain and its capabilities. In this movie, the viewer can see that John Nash (Russell Crowe's character) has schizophrenia and manages to control the situation after much time and effort. Another reason this movie is so great is that it is based on a true story, and the widely known game theory truly is from John Nash.

There are many other movies I really enjoy, but there are the only ones I have went out and bought right after watching them. Again, you the viewer may think that these movies are extremely boring, but I think they are masterpieces. Below are the movies that I truly recommend to people, but aren't as high up there are the three movies above. The order of preference does not hold for the movies below

Star Wars (all 6 movies)

Harry Potter Series (yes, after reading the books I had to watch and enjoy them)


Batman Begins

Terminator (all 3 movies)


Boondock Saints

Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story


Good Will Hunting

The Incredibles