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This section is pretty self explanatory. I have hobbies, and they are listed below. There isn't much to explain to them, but I'll explain what I find pertinent to each.

Snowboarding: I ride a Morrow Rail with Tech Nine Mark Frank Montoya bindings, and have Burton boots. I have been snowboarding for 7 years, although I can count the amount of times i've been to the hill in the past 3 years. My memorable snowboarding places go as follows.

  • Mont Tremblant (Near Montreal)
  • Mont St-Antoine (In Mattawa, now closed)
  • Grassy Hill
  • Kamiskotia

For Mont Tremblant, we had taken a bus there when I was just turning 17 I believe. We had a great great time, drank lots and snowboarded lots. I ended up with a concussion because of going down too fast and falling on ice. I threw up and recovered.

For Mont St-Antoine, I was there in lieu of a competition. They ended up changing the course at the last minute, but guess what, I followed the path of the original course, so I got DQed. I did well before that though.

For Grassy Hill, I used to go there with friends to fly down this huge hill and hit a large jump. Videos are in the media section.

For Kamiskotia Hill, this is definately the place I went to the most. This was the weekend destination while I was really into snowboarding. We went every single weekend for about 4 years straight. The main people I went with were Pat Boyd and Shawn Desrochers. Excellent times at that hill. Now though, the fares of way excessive and there are too many kids!

Snowmobiling: A very favourite hobby of mine which sadly I no longer can do. I used to be in an environment with abundant snowmachines but now without one it is kind of hard to practice that hobby. There may be a day in the future where I return to this. For sure on visits to Timmins I will take advantage of the machine.

Mountain Biking: I ride a Trek 6500 with disc brakes. I got the bike in February 2006, and have loved it. The disc brakes complement this sweet bike. Since our arrival in Fort McMurray Allison and I have done about 50km worth of biking so far and enjoy it very much! Allison has a Kona Lisa which is the same type of bike as mine, and it allows us to go on all sorts of terrain. Next year we may undertake an extra long trip or something (50km...)

Programming: A hobbie which I enjoy doing when there is a need to, I like writing software applications. I like writing programs that allow the human being to use the computational power of the processor to accomplish tasks that would otherwise be impossible by man. For example solving a scrabble problem would be one of those.  I am not a script kiddie so I don't know Perl, Python, or any other crazy languages like that. I know C# and Java. The software I have written are in their appropriate sections.