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How We Met: Both Sides of the Story

Luc and I met in a first year French History and Culture class. It was the fall of my first year at university and I was so eager that I got to class really early. I was watching the rest of the students trickle into the room and then this guy walked in. He had dark hair and these really gorgeous lips. He sat behind me so I couldn’t get a really good look without being too obvious. Miraculously, he acquired my e-mail from a classmate and started to message me.          

I’m pretty sure I told Luc off when he asked if I had a boyfriend. I'm really quite shy. But he persisted, and flirted with me the whole rest of the year. Of course I was impressed with his diligence, and by the summer he had pretty much won me over. He wooed me with pickup lines, quirky internet sites, Newfie jokes and other random things. When Luc came back to campus we finally met up.

We went out a couple times. He took me to an engineering party and got me drunk and took advantage of me… HAHA just kidding. It was nothing like that. He was so sweet and he walked me home late at night. I guess that’s how it all started… now I’d say we’re pretty attached to eachother.
This is my version. If it does not follow the path of Allison's version, i'll have to deal with it later...      

Before September 2004, I did not know Allison. I first saw her in my French class, FR197. The first time I started noticing Allison was when she, along with myself, were the only ones answering to the teacher's questions, and making comments. I started the long proceedure of trying to pickup Allison by snagging her MSN address off of the girl sitting beside me. I got the email and added Allison to my email. I walked into verbal conversation with her by lending her a book with the Big Bang chapter bookmarked.  The class ended in December 2004, and at this point, nothing seemed latched.. Nothing was either. For the next four months I was in Timmins and she was still at Waterloo, so we chatted on MSN occasionally. For the summer term, I proceeded to initiate email communication with Allison, thus keeping the connection alive! During these summer months I also sent Allison an mp3 CD to cement the deal. By th fall term, MSN communication had re-initiated and conversation happened more frequently. I introduced Allison to my scrabbleScore and she pretented to be interested, which made me pretty happy... I somehow managed to squeeze out of Allison her feelings for me by sending her a pickup line website. This was in November I think. We agreed to meet up the first week of January that we were in Waterloo.